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Thoughts on the make-up wipe ban plan

Thoughts on the make-up wipe ban plan

This week’s announcement that make-up wipes could be banned in the UK, as part of the government’s new proposed plan to help save the environment, has left many wondering how they will cope without their time-saving favourites. But the beauty wipes are made from polyester, which is very slow to degrade, so many others have welcomed the move believing it is vital for the protection of the environment. So, what are the alternatives? Well, Natura Siberica, a natural and organic beauty company which uses wild-harvested herbs and flowers from the unspoilt wilderness of Siberia, supports the ban.

Jessica Smith, Natura Siberica UK brand manager said: “We welcome the announcement and think it can only be good for the planet. “Part of our philosophy is to treasure what nature gives us, which is why we make sure all our wild—harvested Siberian herbs and plants are sustainably sourced and we only use natural ingredients which cannot harm the environment.”

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