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Activated Charcoal - a Beauty Essential

Activated Charcoal - a Beauty Essential

Activated charcoal – suddenly it’s appearing everywhere from face-masks to toothpaste but what’s the fuss all about? How does it work? What does it do? Who can use it and will it damage delicate skin? Just what is it that makes activated charcoal the beauty essential of the moment? Well, if you fancy tapping into the latest beauty trend and experiencing for yourself the amazing cleansing powers of the black stuff then read on!

What is it? Activated charcoal (which is sometimes called activated carbon) has long been recognised as a potent natural treatment used to trap toxins. In fact, it’s been used in hospitals for years to treat certain kinds of poisoning as it helps prevent it from being absorbed from the stomach into the body. And, used in beauty treatments, it binds other substances to it, drawing dirt, bacteria, chemicals, excess oil and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion. You could think of it like a magnet – which attracts and traps dirt and toxins, literally pulling them out of your pores.

What is it made from? It is charcoal derived from coconut and nut shells which contain carbon compounds. But you can’t just steal the stuff left over from your weekend barbecue and smear it on your face for the same results – and that’s because it’s not been activated. The shells are heated to make a char (powder) and then “activated” with steam in a furnace which makes it porous and highly absorbing, a bit like a black, hard sponge! Then it is ground into an incredibly fine powder. And it can absorb thousands of times its own weight which explains why just a little bit of charcoal can absorb so many unwanted toxins. And what’s more it is not metabolised or absorbed by the body, is completely natural and doesn't add new chemicals to your skin. WOW!!

About Natura Siberica Northern Soap with activated charcoal Natura Siberica’s Northern Soap is a rich, creamy, black mask which will leave your skin feeling and looking super clean and sparkling. Winner of the Beauty Challenger Awards at Beyond Beauty (2014, Paris) this deep facial cleansing product is based on herbs and berries from the Northern Siberian regions – ingredients that have been used since ancient times and known to be rich in valuable oils and vitamins. Featuring a unique blend of herbs and berries, rich in valuable oils and vitamins known as the “Northern Collection” this is where the product name originates. This Northern Collection consists of 8 highly active ingredients to regenerate the skin as it soften, tones and nourishes…..

  • Organic Altai Sea Buckthorn (Oplepikha Oil)
  • Limonninik Nanai
  • Wild Harvested Siberian Pine Oil
  • Extracts of Bilberry
  • Organic Northern Cloudberry Extract
  • Organic Flax Seed Oil
  • Organic Dwarf Birch Bud
  • Organic Raspberry Oil


How to use it Northern Soap will complement any existing skincare regime leaving you free to continue with your daily cleansing ritual. It couldn’t be easier – you can use it in the shower or as part of your morning cleanse. And because it works instantly to attract the dirt and toxins, there is no need to leave it on like a face-mask. You simply apply the soap to the skin using the small sponge included within the packaging before washing off to reveal softer, more luminous skin. Use twice a week (once for very dry skin) as part of your normal cleansing routine. It’s particularly good for skin conditions such as acne and rosacea and is suitable for all skin types and ages. Abundant in benefits, wrapped up in beautiful packaging and all at an affordable price, it is not hard to see why Northern Soap is one of the best-selling product within the Natura Siberica range. And you can buy it here!