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Our Awards

Riding the wave of the natural and organic boom, the farm-to-face movement has taken root within the beauty industry.

As consumers demand greater transparency from their purchases (similar, if you like, to the farm to fork movement in the restaurant sector) a growing number of beauty brands are making it their mission to 'own' the entire supply chain – from seed to serum.

And it’s something Natura Siberica has proudly been doing since we started, more than ten years ago years ago.

Born in Siberia, Natura Siberica has turned Siberian beauty secrets into a unique natural face, hair and body care range.

The herbs used in the products have been traditionally used by Siberians for countless generations and were actually made into elixirs of health and beauty for the Imperial families.

Our ethical and responsible practices contribute to sustain livelihoods of Siberian indigenous tribes, some 40 distinctive ethnic groups, all of whom have long preserved their own unique cultural heritages.

Three hundred thousand people still preserve their indigenous ethnic and local traditions, and continue to speak about two hundred different dialects and languages.

Unfortunately, for years there have been obvious tendencies for indigenous peoples to slowly disappear, gradually dissipating into the general Russian melting pot.

The cultural peculiarities, traditions and values of these Siberian ethnic groups are being lost.

Natura Siberica follows an active social policy in order to help revive and preserve these unique traditions, by collaborating with the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation.

We own the largest organic farm in Siberia, where we wild-harvest many of the herbs used in our products.

Our farm was built in consultation with the local Siberian tribes who know the specifics of their unique land and who were the obvious choice when we looked for staff.
They work the farm and hand pick the herbs, are payed premium prices to do their manual plant and herb picking, and as the farm grows new jobs are created for the local communities.
And we are proud to have received a number of international awards for our commitment to nature and the indigenous tribes.

We also sponsored the English edition of the First Encyclopedia of Indigenous Peoples of the North. This crucial text will provide a great number of people, all over the world, with the opportunity to discover this region’s native culture and traditional ways of life.

In 2013 we launched a program with Irkutsk Botanic Garden in which they committed to planting 70,000 rare plants by 2018.