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Natura Siberica

Super Siberica Kedr, rose & proteins. Conditioner for Weak Hair, 400 ml

Certified vegan and made with wild and powerful herbs and plants from Siberia. This luxurious conditioner, rich in organic Siberian Kedr hydrolate, nourishes limp, dry hair, infusing it with moisture and volume.

  • Hydrolate is a concentrated vitamin and microelement derived from plants via distillation. Conditioners based on hydrolytes provide intensive hair care and rich gloss.

    Organic Siberian Kedr hydrolate nourishes dry, brittle hair, while Organic Daurian rose extract smooths and softens hair. Hydrolyzed proteins strengthen hair, while wild juniper extract, pro-vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid nourish hair, adding dazzling shine and volume.

    Hair will feel silky soft, strong and bursting with volume.

Vegan Friendly
Cruelty Free