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What is the skin’s microbiome and how do we take care of it? FIVE COMPELLING REASONS you should be utilizing biome skincare + NEW extended Lab by Natura Siberica Biome range

Extended Lab by NS Biome range products

We’re excited to announce the extension of the popular Lab by Natura Siberica Biome range. Bringing you 14 new products across two new categories - cleansing and retinol therapy. These products build on the hugely successful hydrogel eye patch, face cream and serum ranges.

The 14 new products make up four new collections – Balance, Hydration, Glow and Retinol Therapy. Each collection features a unique ‘Biome Base’ created with fermented plant extracts and a postbiotic active that protects and enhances the skin’s microbiome.

Unique Biome Bases

The ‘Biome Base’ is unique to each collection and targeted to a particular skin type or concern. The ‘Biome Base’ features a postbiotic active, Lactobacillus ferment, plus selected fermented extracts.

Postbiotics play an essential role in maintaining a diverse and rich microbe population whilst fermented extracts are highly potent natural ingredients that deliver skin enhancing benefits.


Lab by NS Biome skincare range, Biome bases

Your skin’s microbiome

If you’re sat wondering ‘what is a microbiome?’ here’s the simple explanation: A microbiome is a community of microorganisms that are in or on the body. When this delicate ecosystem is unbalanced, it is unable to protect the body from pathogenic organisms, harmful pollutants and can trigger inflammation and irritation amongst other issues.

There are many ways in which we can care for our skin’s microbiome, but here’s a brief breakdown.

How to care for your skin’s microbiome:

  • Following a diet that looks after your gut
  • Keeping hydrated by drinking enough water
  • Managing stress
  • Utilising microbiome friendly skincare

When your microbiome is balanced, your skin looks and feels healthy! Want to learn more? Read on.


Five ways biome skincare can support overall skin health:


  1. Nourish your skin’s microbiome

Biome based skincare uses either probiotics, prebiotics and/or postbiotics, for example, the Lab by NS Biome skincare range features postbiotics.

Postbiotics are produced during the fermentation of probiotic bacteria and are rich in bioactive molecules which are easily absorbed into the skin, such as enzymes, antioxidants, antimicrobial peptides, anti-inflammatory fatty acids, vitamins and organic acids.

In short, postbiotic skincare is formulated to nourish the skin microbiome. Readily absorbed formulations mean you can be sure that microbiome skincare is performing and that your skin will reap the benefits.


  1. Gentle and effective formulas

Microbiome skincare can be a gentle solution to skincare, partly because of its nourishing and restorative effects on the skin’s barrier and partly because unlike other skincare, microbiome skincare works with your skin instead of against it.

Our skin is not sterile, it is loaded with bacteria and yeast that are vital for healthy, happy skin and when the microbiome is disrupted, this can lead to dryness, irritation, premature ageing and acne breakouts.

Instead of stripping away the skin barrier, microbiome postbiotic skincare helps the good bacteria to keep your skin’s microbiome healthy and strong, defending against dryness and irritation. This makes postbiotic skincare both super gentle and strengthening.

The Lab by NS Biome Hydration range is a perfect option for those who require gentle yet effective formulas, not only are the products built on a Biome Base, but they also contain great hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane and Pro Vitamin B5.


  1. Balancing the skin barrier

So, we now know that postbiotic skincare is nourishing and gentle on our skin, but how does it balance our skin’s barrier?

Well, it’s simple really, because postbiotics provide nutrition for the good bacteria on our skin’s surface, this promotes the production of good bacteria - and the more good bacteria our skin has the better!

Moreover, it is also useful in helping to balance the skin’s pH. A balanced pH is essential in stopping irritation of the skin.


Lab by NS Biome skincare, cleansing balm
  1. Personalised care for unique skin needs

No two individuals have identical skin, biome skincare recognises this and can offer a more personalised approach. Natura Siberica researchers have studied the influence of external factors on the skin microbiome to offer an innovative solution for specific skin needs.

Whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or prone to acne or premature ageing, microbiome skincare is tailored to meet your specific needs, thanks to the different Biome Bases.

If your skin concern is premature ageing, you might want to try the new Retinol Therapy Day Face Cream, which helps to restore softness and elasticity. We suggest pairing it with a sunscreen for extra premature ageing prevention.


  1. Versatile and multifunctional products

Biome skincare often incorporates multifunctional products that serve multiple purposes, saving you from complicated skincare, whilst prioritising essential and effective ingredients.

From cleansers that brighten while also speeding up the skin cell turnover process to masks that boost radiance and charge the skin with a surge of antioxidants. These products streamline your skincare routine, eliminating the need for numerous steps and products.

This versatility not only saves you time and effort but also reduces the number of products in your skincare arsenal. By opting for biome skincare, you simplify your regimen while enjoying the benefits of a comprehensive approach to skin health.


Which Lab by NS Biome product is for me?

Lab by NS. Biome. Hydration Water Shot Face Toner, 200ml, £12

Skin concern: Dry skin: Lab by NS. Biome. Hydration Water Shot Face Toner, 200ml, £12

After cleansing, replenish the skin’s moisture barrier and provide your skin with the feeling of comfort by applying this Hydration Water Shot Face Toner. Helping to tackle uneven skin tone and texture, the Squalane used in the Hydration Water Shot Toner also offers skin-smoothing and softening effects, whilst strengthening the skin barrier and improving elasticity. We recommend using the Lab by NS. Biome. Hydration Micellar Cleansing Gel as your cleansing step prior to using the toner.

View the whole Lab by NS Biome Hydration range here.


Lab by NS. Biome. Balance Booster Peel-Off Mask, 75ml. £12

Skin concern: Oily and acne-prone: Lab by NS. Biome. Balance Booster Peel-Off Mask, 75ml. £12

The perfect pairing for blemish prone skin, Niacinamide 1% and Zinc PCA 1% are the power couple ingredients that help skin to feel radiant and smooth. This mask deeply cleanses, eliminates oily shine and tightens pores. Zinc PCA 1% works by regulating sebum production, in turn reducing the likelihood of clogged pores, improving skin balance and preventing acne, whilst Niacinamide evens skin tone and nourishes and protects the skin barrier.

View the whole Lab by NS Biome Balance range here.

Lab by NS. Biome. Retinol Therapy Night Cream, 50ml, £12
Skin concern: Premature ageing: Lab by NS. Biome. Retinol Therapy Night Cream, 50ml, £12

Promotes skin renewal whilst still maintaining maximum levels of hydration. The natural biolipid complex, comprised of Phospholipids, Glycolipids, Phytosterols and Vitamin F, restores the lipid balance of the skin, strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and leaving it less susceptible to harmful external factors. Use this night cream and wake up to hydrated, plump and rejuvenated skin.

View the whole Lab by NS Biome Retinol Therapy range here.


 Lab by NS. Biome. C-Glow Gel to Foam Cleanser, 140ml, £12

Skin concern: Dull or uneven: Lab by NS. Biome. C-Glow Gel to Foam Cleanser, 140ml, £12

Ready to glow? This 3-in-1 product removes make-up, cleanses and renews skin to reveal a natural glow. Vitamin C brightens, reducing the look of dark spots, redness and hyperpigmentation, providing a more even skin tone, whilst Papain exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and deliver smoothness.

View the whole Lab by NS Biome Glow range here.


The new extended Lab by NS Biome range is available now for purchase, all products are priced at an affordable retail price of £12. Explore the full range of Lab by NS Biome productshere.

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