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Do your bit for the environment - now!

Do your bit for the environment - now!

Tired of reading stories about the plastic pollution in our oceans? Want to do "your bit" to help? Yeah, us too. A ban on microbeads has finally come into force in the UK. These small circular beads, designed to help with exfoliation and then be washed down the drain, often slip through waste-water treatment plants and end up in the sea. They don’t degrade over time and pose a threat to marine wildlife. These tiny (and unnecessary) pieces of plastic are added to face scrubs, soap, toothpastes and shower gels. We all sat in awe watching Blue Planet II last winter. Narrated by the lovely David Attenborough, we saw the ocean in a more detailed way than ever before - its vastness and the sheer quantity and variety of marine wildlife. We were introduced to aquatic wildlife that we didn’t know existed (did you see the Bobbit worm?!) and, whilst gripping our hot chocolate for warmth and comfort, watched their day-to-day survival. So, wouldn't it be careless to endanger these fascinating creatures?

Did you know that our Oblepikha & Honey Body Scrub and Hand-Made Soap Balls are plastic-free? And because they are from Natura Siberica, you know they are also free from parabens, PEG, silicones, synthetic dyes, glycols and mineral oils – result!

Natura Siberica Oblepikha & Honey Body Scrub - £6.95

Natura Siberica’s Oblepikha & Honey Body Scrub is an indulgent, luxury scrub made with Buckwheat Honey. The scrub perfectly cleans and refreshes the skin, helping to preserve beauty and youth. The scrub is made with Altai sea buckthorn oil which deeply nourishes the skin. The Buckwheat honey increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin and organic extract of sage has a general tonic effect. It helps to eliminate nasty toxins and it leaves your skin soft and smooth. The best part is that there are no SLS, SLES, mineral oils, PEG, parabens, glycols! 

Looking to buy products that cut down on packaging? Good news then. Natura Siberica’s Hand-Made Soap Balls are wrapped in paper, and not plastic!

Propolis Soap- £5.50

Handmade Propolis soap combats skin imperfections, facilitates deep purification and aids hydration of the skin. To prepare this natural Propolis soap, we used organic oils of wild harvested Siberian herbs and added Propolis and Juniper oil. Propolis is a unique natural antiseptic and it has a powerful antibacterial and healing effect. Juniper oil relieves skin irritation and enhances skin elasticity.

Snow Soap- £5.50

Handmade Snow soap carefully and gently cleanses and moisturises skin, making it super soft and elastic. Thanks to the high content of unique usnic acid, Snow Cladonia helps the active regeneration of cells, effectively slowing down the ageing processes. It improves skin texture and restores skin elasticity. Wild Milfoil saturates skin with nutrients, making it softer.

Pine Soap- £5.50

Handmade Gentle Pine soap delicately cleanses skin. It enriches and nourishes it with valuable vitamins. Siberian pine oil has traditionally been used by native Siberians for fast healing of wounds and burns. The oil has a powerful rejuvenating effect and can be used for taking care of the most sensitive skin. Wild beeswax has remarkable smoothing effect and leaves skin incredibly soft. Extract of wild harvested Siberian Larch and organic Oblepikha Oil helps the healing of small wounds and restores skin elasticity. Gentle pine soap delicately cleanses skin, enriching it with valuable vitamins. Looking after your hands, locks and the environment has never been easier!