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A flawless complexion, without an Instagram filter!

A flawless complexion, without an Instagram filter!

Dreaming of a flawless, smooth complexion? Want to recreate that Instagram glow?

Or perhaps you're just a little fed up of looking at your reflection in the mirror and noticing just one more line, another wrinkle? Ageing is inevitable, natural. So it’s no surprise that our skin is also susceptible to sagging.

But don't stress. The experts at Natura Siberica’s laboratory have created a new multitasking instant action super face serum to perfect your complexion and smooth out those pesky lines.


Caviar Expert Instant Action Super Face Serum - £36.00

This little gem is part of our Royal Caviar Collection of Anti-Ageing Skincare. This unique serum targets the heart of the skin-ageing problem, restoring your natural radiance.

Caviar Expert Instant Action Super Face Serum is like an instant face-lift to help tighten your skin and give you a healthy, dewy complexion.

Loaded with proteins and amino acids, Beluga Caviar Extract effectively smooths out wrinkles and reduces skin sagging by increasing collagen density (the protein that makes the skin look younger!).

But what’s in it? And how can caviar improve my skin?

The serum’s innovative formula provides complete skin care in five different ways. It moisturises the skin, fills in wrinkles, masks imperfections, is mattifying and it fights skin’s ageing – ace!

The technical part:

Black caviar extract – World-renowned for its rejuvenating properties. Rich in proteins, collagen and vitamins, it effectively reverses the ageing process and boosts cell repair and collagen production.

Active gold – Possesses a unique feature, it improves the absorption of active components into the skin whilst enhancing their effect.

Herbal collagen – Promotes skins resilience and elasticity, helping to prevent the first signs of ageing.

Active platinum – Combined with polypeptides SYN – COLL and SYN-AKE has a powerful rejuvenating effect. It fights expression lines and smooths complexion, whilst promoting a natural rejuvenating process and increasing skin’s susceptibility to nutrients.

Polypeptide SYN®- COLL* – Stimulates natural collagen synthesis in skin cells.

Polypeptide SYN®-AKE* – Smooths the skin and fights expression lines.

Special Pigments – With light reflecting action, visibly evens out your complexion.

PEPHA®-TIGHT* – Complex ensures an instant lifting effect with a prolonged action through increasing skin tone and resilience.

And because it’s from Natura Siberica, it contains no silicones, BHT-BHA, mineral oils, PEG, parabens or EDTA.

Your face will look fresh and rested, even after a busy day at work or a fun-filled weekend with the family.