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Natura Siberica

Cedar Spa Bath Foam, Anti-Stress 550 ml

Infused with the unique aroma of Cedar, this anti-stress bath foam aids total body relaxation.

  • Plunge into the mysterious and enigmatic world of cedar taiga with “Cedar SPA”. Cedar is a unique plant that has long been famous for its healing properties and powerful energy. It is included into the foam extracts and oils to help relieve fatigue, it has a beneficial effect on sleep.

    Its fragrant foam has a relaxing effect and gives your body a feeling of utter relaxation.

    Feel the power of natural ingredients and vitality of cedar in velvet clouds of foam bath. Siberian cedar oil, golden thistle, crowberry, red juniper extract Oil, black alder cones, mountain pine, clary sage oil, pine soft resin.

Vegan Friendly
Cruelty Free